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  • What is manubes?

    manubes is a cloud-based platform for industrial production management.

    With manubes, you are able to connect your machines, devices, databases and other production-related systems to a powerful and secure cloud environment. There, you have extensive options for organizing, visualizing, and managing your production: Create comprehensive data models, design automated workflows and visualize production data in in real-time using dynamic webpages that allow authorized users to directly interact with production processes.

    manubes combines cloud-based production management with modern citizen development: All manubes tools are designed as no-code and enable quick development of applications in order to optimize a wide range of production processes.

    manubes users can access the platform from anywhere in the world and on a wide variety of devices via web browser.

  • Who is the developer of manubes?
    manubes is developed by us, inray Industriesoftware GmbH. With more than 25 years of experience in developing innovative software solutions for the industry, we are known by our customers as a reliable partner. Software from inray is used worldwide in the process and manufacturing industry, including areas such as mechanical engineering or plastics and food processing.

    We have incorporated the knowledge gained from our many years of intensive cooperation with manufacturing companies into the development of manubes. The result is a high-performance, user-friendly and maximally secure solution for cloud-based production management.


  • What advantages does a cloud solution offer?
    For manufacturing companies in particular, the use of a specialized cloud environment offers several key advantages:

    • The manubes cloud platform can be accessed worldwide and on any device. All you need is an Internet connection and a modern web browser.
    • The use of an external cloud infrastructure means that the costs, efforts and security risks associated with managing your own server infrastructure are eliminated. We take care of hardware, maintenance and performance, so you can focus entirely on your core business.
    • The manubes cloud environment is scalable – new data sources or entire sites can be added at any time.

    You can find more information about the advantages of cloud computing here: What is Cloud Computing?

  • How does my production data get transferred to the cloud?
    The manubes components are able to connect a wide variety of systems – including for example machines, devices, databases, analytics software and web services – to the cloud via standard industrial interfaces. In order to process and transfer data efficiently, manubes utilizes edge computing technology. For more detailed information, please visit our page on system integration with manubes.


  • What is the Datamodel Designer?
    With the help of the Datamodel Designer, you are able to organize production data from a wide variety of sources and determine how data is stored and processed in manubes.

    Data models are structured hierarchically and allow for precise control over your production data.

  • What is the Page Designer?
    The manubes Page Designer enables visualization of various production data in the form of HTML5-based webpages.

    You can choose between a variety of display options such as tables, gauge controls and labels, making it easy to effectively visualize key indicators such as OEE. Interactive elements like buttons and forms allow authorized users to directly interact with production processes. Elements can be inserted simply by drag-and-drop and linked to data sources.

    The content of the created pages is responsive and updates dynamically and in real time, based on your data sources.

  • What is the Workflow Designer?
    The Workflow Designer in manubes can be used to automate and monitor key processes in your organization, including database and API queries, sending emails, or custom alerts. You are able to include any data source.

    Workflows are visualized in a user-friendly way and can be easily created or customized via drag-and-drop.

Connecting systems to manubes

  • Which systems can I connect to the manubes cloud?
    In order to connect all production systems to the cloud in a standardized way, manubes supports the most important industrial standard protocols.

    That includes the OPC UA standard for vendor-independent machine communication as well as the IoT interfaces MQTT and REST, which enable access to a wide variety of devices, web services and APIs.

    With support for Microsoft SQL and MySQL, manubes is able to connect the most important database types.

  • How easy is the system integration with manubes?
    With manubes, you can connect a wide variety of production systems, including machines, devices, databases, analytics software and web services to the cloud-based infrastructure in just a few steps.

    Create an Edge Connector, select the type of connection (e.g. OPC UA or a MySQL database) and fill in the required connection data. Afterwards, the system is available in manubes as a data source.

  • What are Edge Nodes, Edge Clusters and Edge Connectors?
    Edge Nodes, Edge Clusters and Edge Connectors are core components of manubes. Together, they enable the secure and uncomplicated connection of your machines, devices, databases and other systems to the cloud.

    You can find out more about how the individual components work on our page about system integration with manubes.

Usage and support

  • Does manubes offer a free trial?
    Yes, we provide you with the opportunity to test manubes for free. In order to get access to your personal test environment, please visit

  • Does manubes receive regular updates?
    manubes is constantly being further developed. We provide our customers with regular updates to ensure and improve the security, usability and functionality of the platform on a permanent basis.

  • What are the system requirements for manubes?
    manubes is run in a high-performance cloud environment which is provided by us in its entirety. Acessing and operating the manubes platform only requires a web browser.

    The fail-safe and secure connection of local production systems to the manubes cloud is enabled by running local Edge Nodes. These can be operated platform-independently, architecture-independently and with minimal resource requirements.

  • Can manubes users request technical support?
    Our support team is available to all manubes customers for technical challenges of any kind.

    With urgent requests in particular, you benefit from our short response times and a high level of problem-solving expertise.

  • Will there be additional extensions, Plug-ins or modules for manubes?
    No, the purchase of additional extensions, Plug-ins or modules is not required.

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