Cloud-based Production Management

manubes is an innovative cloud platform for digital production management, tailored to the needs of industrial manufacturers. With manubes you are able to visualize, structure and manage your production from anywhere in the world while benefitting from a secure and powerful cloud environment.

Cloud Computing for manufacturers

Cloud Computing for Manufacturers

manubes comes with a powerful cloud infrastructure.

Maximum Security

Maximum Security

The manubes security concept offers protection at the highest level.

User-friendly controls

User-friendly controls

manubes is intuitive to operate – regardless of prior experience.

World-wide access

World-wide access

With manubes, your production is accessible from anywhere.

Manage your production in the cloud

With manubes, your production can benefit from the advantages of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and modern cloud technology. Manage all your data and processes in one central location while reducing the complexity of your own infrastructure.

manubes user interface

Keep track of your production – anywhere and on every device

With the manubes platform, your production can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Connect to the cloud via web browser and manage production processes on multiple devices.

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