manubes Features

Manage your Production
in the Cloud

Use the manubes design tools to effectively structure, visualize and automate your production. Quickly build your own applications on a no-code basis and benefit from the advantages of cloud-based production management.

manubes Features

Digital production management in the cloud

With manubes, you are able to utilize your production data for maximum benefit. Connect all your systems to the cloud and organize data based on comprehensive data models. Manage key processes via automated workflows and use the Page Designer to visualize all areas of your production in real-time.

manubes-Features - Strukturieren, Visualisieren, Automatisieren

The Datamodel Designer allows you to store and organize your production data within manubes. With the Page Designer you are able to visualize any data you want in real-time while the Workflow Designer can be used to automate key production processes. All manubes designers are provided as no-code tools and enable a modern Citizen Development for industrial production.

manubes Datamodel Designer

Organize your production data.

The manubes Datamodel Designer allows you to organize your systems’ data based on data models, allowing you to securely store production data and make it available for further processing.

Data models follow a hierarchical structure and can represent the individual structure of your production in terms of sites, equipment and other aspects.

Both the Page Designer and the Workflow Designer can access data models, allowing you to quickly create dashboards and workflows based on any data you want.

manubes Datamodel Designer
manubes Page Designer

manubes Page Designer

Visualize your production data
in real-time.

The manubes Page Designer allows you to visualize diverse data in the form of web-based pages. Contents are fully responsive, allow for user interaction and update automatically and in real-time based on the state of your data sources.

Use different dashboards to monitor the status of your assets at a glance or display important parameters and production metrics in detail – with manubes you are always able to maintain full control of your production.

manubes supports a wide range of options for visualization such as tables, gauge controls or labels. Pages can be edited by multiple users at the same time.

Interactive elements such as buttons or forms enable users with the correct permissions to interact directly with production systems and processes.

manubes Workflow Designer

Automate central production processes.

The manubes Workflow Designer allows you to automate a multitude of production processes and administrative procedures.

Workflows can address and incorporate your integrated systems as well as datamodels and pages created in manubes.

Automate database queries and write operations, API requests, or inter-system communication via industrial standard protocols such as OPC UA and MQTT.

Workflows can be created and modified easily via drag-and-drop. An intuitive and user-friendly visualization ensures that you are able to fully keep track of existing automations at any time.

manubes Workflow Designer

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manubes supports the industry-relevant interfaces.

An effective solution for industrial digitalization is characterized by an outstanding compatibility with a wide variety of systems. Manufacturing companies in particular are often reliant on using older equipment as well as machines from different vendors as data sources.

To enable a cloud integration for all your machines, devices, databases and systems, manubes utilizes Edge Connectors based on industrial standard interfaces.

The supported interfaces include OPC UA, the leading standard for vendor-independent communication in the industry, as well as the IoT standards MQTT and REST. With support for Microsoft SQL and MySQL, the most important database types can be integrated with ease. Sending and receiving emails in the cloud is possible without external configuration.

manubes launches on April 23rd – Join us live!