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Our support team can assist you with any technical questions and concerns related to manubes. We help you set up the platform, integrate it into your existing infrastructure, and make adjustments during ongoing operations.

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    What is manubes?

    manubes is a cloud-based platform for industrial production management.

    With manubes, you are able to connect your machines, devices, databases and other production-related systems to a powerful and secure cloud environment, utilizing the concept of edge computing. There, you have extensive options for organizing, visualizing, and managing your production: Create comprehensive data models, design automated workflows via drag-and-drop and visualize production data in real-time using dynamic webpages that allow authorized users to directly interact with production processes.

    manubes combines cloud-based production management with modern citizen development: All manubes tools are designed as no-code and enable quick development of applications in order to optimize a wide range of production processes.

    manubes users can access the platform from anywhere in the world and on a wide variety of devices via web browser.

    Will manubes receive regular updates?

    manubes is constantly being further developed. We provide our customers with regular updates to ensure and improve the security, usability and functionality of the platform on a permanent basis.

    What are the system requirements for manubes?

    manubes is operated in a powerful cloud environment, which is provided by us as part of the manubes license. This means that data processing does not require any resources on the part of your company.

    The fail-safe connection of local production systems is enabled by running local Edge Nodes. These can be operated platform-independently, architecture-independently and with minimal resource requirements.

    Will there be additional extensions, Plug-ins or modules for manubes?

    With a manubes license you get the full functionality of the platform. It is not necessary to purchase additional extensions, Plug-ins or modules.