System integration made easy with manubes

With manubes, you are able to transfer your production data to the cloud in a secure and straightforward way. On this page we explain how the different manubes components work together to integrate a multitude of industrial production systems.

System Integration with manubes - Visualization

Using Edge Connectors, Edge Nodes and Edge Clusters, a connection to the manubes cloud can be established in just a few steps. Combine edge computing with cloud computing and ensure that your production data is stored and processed seamlessly.

Edge Node

Edge Nodes transfer your production data into the cloud.

Edge Nodes are local applications that connect to your machines, devices, databases and systems aswell as the manubes cloud. This way your production data can be transferred from local plants to the manubes cloud where it can be used for structuring, visualizing and automating your production.

Edge Nodes can be installed and run on a wide variety of hardware systems, including Windows PCs and (Linux-based) edge devices.

Visualization of a manubes Edge Node
Visualization of a manubes Edge Cluster

Edge Cluster

Edge Clusters are responsible for efficient and fail-safe connections.

An Edge Cluster contains multiple Edge Nodes and connects them to the manubes cloud. This structure comes with an important benefit: Should an Edge Node go offline, its workload can be automatically taken over by another node within the cluster without affecting data transmission.

By creating multiple Edge Clusters, you are able to structure your data sources in a logical and site-based manner. Furthermore, you can add any number of Edge nodes to an Edge cluster and thus connect any number of systems with manubes.

Edge Clusters offer the following advantages:

  • 5Fail-safe with multiple nodes
  • 5Load balancing within the cluster
  • 5Secure connection to the manubes cloud

Edge Connector

Edge Connectors serve as interfaces between your systems and the cloud.

Edge Connectors connect your machines, devices, databases and systems to an Edge Cluster and the Edge Nodes within that cluster. This way, they ensure that production data from a wide variety of sources within a company can be transferred to the manubes cloud securely and reliably.

Every system, including for example controllers, printers and OPC Servers, is addressed with its own Edge Connector using standard protocols and various other interfaces (see more information below).

Edge Connectors can be configured in only a few steps and without specific know-how.

Visualization of a manubes Edge Connector

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manubes supports the industry-relevant interfaces.

An effective solution for industrial digitalization is characterized by an outstanding compatibility with a wide variety of systems. Manufacturing companies in particular rely on using older equipment as well as machines from different vendors as data sources.

To enable a cloud integration for all your machines, devices, databases and systems, manubes utilizes industrial standard interfaces.

The supported interfaces include OPC UA, the leading standard for vendor-independent communication in the industry, the IoT standard protocol MQTT as well as REST for communication with APIs. With support for Microsoft SQL and MySQL, the most important database types can be integrated with ease. Sending and receiving emails in the cloud is possible without external configuration.

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